FOCUS Electronic RM-518 & keyboard combo resolve your problems!
Are you tired of walking to your monitor?  Remote controllersolves your problem. 
Are you tired of pushing arrows for programming? Track Ball solves your problem.
Are you tired of aiming at the receiver for remote controlling? RF products solves your problem. 
Are you tired of switching ID code because of the interfered frequency? 2.4GHz RF solves your problem.
Which product includes all above-mentioned advantages?
Focus RM-518 !
You have hundred of reasons to throw away the old type of remote controllers! usually, users must aim accurately to control smoothly; sometimes, you must switch the ID code, due to the conflict frequency used by other people; You must walk from this room to another for music selection, because the stereo is there.....
Starting from keyboard FK-760- the 2.4GHz radio frequency wireless keyboard,FOCUS Electronic is devoted to RF technology, as well as possible to develop product user-friendly: Enable you to laid back in the sofa, use only one or two fingers to choose the program smoothly, add the MCE hot keys on keyboard or remote to help you to control and satisfy your viewing & listening sense.
Not only this, If your computer is equipped with Vista or Windows, you can turn off the TV program that is broadcasting in the living room from the kitchen, you can sit in the balcony but choose the music that is broadcasting in the room. all of them, just use asmall2.4G wireless remote controller, Integrated with FOCUS 2.4G wireless keyboard, Switch the program or surf the Internet and E-mail, carry on the on-line game or work happily will be more convenience.  
FOCUS Electronic offers four following choices now, all based on 2.4Ghz radio frequency, 10-30 meters effective working range and 360 degree navigation, with sleek and elegant design. It is great device to Media Center PCs, Home Theater PCs, Living Room, or Car PCs or IPTV or IP Settop Box.
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RF Combo set of Multimedia Mini Keyboard
 + MCE Trackball Remote control
RF Combo set of Mini  Keyboard w/trackball
 + MCE Trackball Remote control




RF Combo set of  MCE / XP switchable keyboard 
  + MCE Trackball Remote control
RF Combo set of full size keyboard w/trackball
 + MCE Trackball Remote control