FOCUS Electronic Is To Rock the 2009 International CES Vegas!

FOCUS Electronic Is To Rock the 2009 International CES Vegas!

FOCUS Electronic, a great world-class supplier in PC wireless keyboard.

By AiLing Sun & Mei Mei Lin 2008/12/29


FOCUS Electronic is ready to roll the 2009 CES in Las Vegas, US with their hot and fabulous wireless computer keyboards and PC input devices!

Being well-known and reputed in global markets, FOCUS is ready to the 2009 International CES, which is the worlds largest tradeshow to gather the most consumer electronics, as audio, digital imaging, home theater, wireless and gaming, suppliers, manufacturers, purchasers and consumers in the world, from 8th-11th in January in Las Vegas, United States with their amazing designed and high-end PC wireless products. All of the visitors are welcome to experience and to see the latest and fashioned wireless technology.

Founded in 1981, FOCUS started producing and assembling cable and wired home electronic appliances as TV games and computer peripheral accessories and equipments including computer keyboards, mice, and other PC input devices, USB Hubs, with more than two decades of experience and excellent technologies. FOCUS successfully extended its sales network rapidly to the global markets in the first decade, also commended as "Outstanding Quality Award" by Ministry of Interior, Thailand in 1989.

From the production with wired electronic appliances to wireless computer devices, from the keyboards for APPLE II PC compatibles to the Smart Office Keyboards for Windows XP, FOCUS Electronic has kept and raised the R&D processing to design and supply more fashioned, customized, and superior quality computer peripheral accessories and facilities, not limited to, to Europe, America, Brazil, Australia, Japan, and Korea in the past 27 years, even in recently the sag markets. Therefore, all FOCUS high quality products are certificated as CE, FCC, and other approvals for different sales areas and customers safeties.

RF & Wireless Technology Frees You From the Cables

According to its concern of high-value production and high-end products, FOCUS never stops innovating for its producing process. "We insistently continue developing the software and upgrading the equipment for all of our popular wireless product series in this economy depressed period still." said the sales manager of FOCUS, Mr. Jack Ni.

Nowadays, FOCUS has revealed numbers of 2.4GHz wireless products, such as RK-728 as a 2 in one of wireless touchpad keyboard built-in mouse keys , RK-750 as a 2 in one of wireless trackball keyboard built-in mouse keys, RKR-360 as a combo set of wireless Mini keyboard with remote, RKR-528 as combo set of wireless full size XP/Vista switchable keyboard with remote, and RKR-768 as a combo set of wireless full size keyboard built-in trackball with remote since the Millennium with new wireless technologies. You can find FOCUS goods in electronic, HTPC, and car computer retailers in the parts of the world.

Backed by ISO9001-2000, the factory FOCUS built in Shenzhen, China in 1992, which is completely equipped, has 200 well-trained employees and specific expertise, all products including RF wireless keyboards and RF wireless mice pass various tests and earn RoHS approval to give you superior quality guarantees.

2.4 GHz Wireless Optical Trackball MCE Remote, RM-518

Designed with 10 meters effective working range and 360-degree navigation for exactly position control, also with 45 keys including My Music, My Videos, My Pictures, My TV, Guide, Live TV, Recorded TV, and DVD Menu, and 2 mouse keys is one of our hot and main products, type RM-518. It is compatible in Microsoft Window XP MCE / Vista.

RK-728, MCE Keyboard Built-In Touchpad

Another main and popular product, RK-728, is easy to be operated by a built-in touchpad, scroll wheel, and MCE direct key, which is not only for other multimedia hotkeys, for Microsoft Vista Media Center. The differences and specifications from other competitive suppliers wireless keyboards, RK-728 has a mouse at the both sides of the keyboard for right hand or left hand users easily to use.

Tailor-made Products Are Available Upon Requests

"The ideas from customers make our customized designs more fabulous." Mr. Jack Ni, the sales manager of FOCUS, said.

To provide specific high quality customer services to the world, FOCUS has a highly professional and experienced R&D Dep. as well as some outstanding OEM teams through the whole world with FOCUS Electronic advanced and excellent wireless technologies.

Due to increase volume orders and meet the market requirements, FOCUS has been building and contributing the remarkable efforts to enhance their capabilities for generating the superior quality of products and services. Furthermore, tailor-made products are also available upon requests to meet clients, such as domestic and overseas five stars hotels, maximum satisfactions.

FOCUS will keep taking more attention and improvement to R&D development, factory management, production technology, and more flexible marketing strategies to fulfill every clients needs, endeavoring to gain more attention and innovation from the competitive markets and continuously showing markets the best production and service. As an active wireless products supplier in serving and providing consumers its best, FOCUS keeps taking care of customers and markets feedbacks and advices. Please visit FOCUS to find more detailed products information.



Even in such a very depressed economy slump time, FOCUS is still absolutely going to catch spotlights and eyes with all of their hot and fashioned wireless products, such as trackball keyboard, touchpad keyboard, combo set of RF 2.4G keyboard with RF remote control, and technologies in 2009 International CES Las Vegas from 8th-11th January. All visitors are welcome to witness and experience the amazing wireless technology!

Our HOT Products

Numbers of fashioned and superior quality wired and wireless products, FOCUS supplies, including Wireless Keyboard, Wired Keyboard, RF Remote, Trackball Keyboard, Touchpad Keyboard, RF Two Way Transmission Products, Mouse, RF Combo Set. Contact FOCUS Now for further products information!


RK-728 Combo Set of
Wireless Touchpad
Keyboard w/remote

RK-750 Combo Set of
Wireless Trackball
Keyboard w/remote

RKR-360 Combo Set of
Wireless Mini
Keyboard w/remote

RKR-528 Combo Set of
Wireless Full Size XP/
Vista Switchable KB w/remote

RKR-768 Combo Set of
Wireless Full Size Keyboard
Built-in Trackball w/remote