With FOCUS Remote, RM-518 Plus, The word is at your fingertips !

The word is at your fingertips with FOCUS Remote, RM-518 Plus

RM-518P is not only a remote but also users can have typing function, same as your mobile. Furthermore, our special designed software, EMITTA, enhances RM-518P to be an unique product on markets by its sepcial features of remapping and marco command setting freely to any key on this remote. That makes nothing can not be done by RM-518P. A new era of remote and input device is created since the born of RM-518P.


Smart 2.4 G wireless keyboard, RK-750
With artificial intelligence inside to anti-interference, dual band to auto switch ID, 2.4 G wireless keyboard RK-750 good for XP, VISTA & Win 7 by its multi-functional hot keys